Look through a multichannel lens

Bring the performance of your marketing and communication programs into focus with the premier platform for multichannel data analysis - REVEAL Console.

With the REVEAL Console your data comes to life, connecting multichannel data, industry benchmarks and stunning visualizations to enable timely decisions and informed actions.

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Plug in your data and go

The REVEAL Console is a managed cloud-based solution that delivers actionable insights through:

  • aggregation of data from your multi-channel relationship marketing and digital programs
  • contextualization of data through insight mashups of vital KPIs and comparative benchmarks to clearly define what “good” looks like
  • easily-digestible visualizations of raw metrics and complex data relationships
  • collaborative interpretation and analysis by your cross-discipline teams and industry experts

With an easy-to-use interface for the front office, all you need to get revealized is plug in your data and go >>

The power of knowing

The REVEAL Console provides your cross-discipline teams with unified access to the data that matters. Measure effectiveness of program tactics and evaluate audience behavior and trends across channels to optimize engagement activities at each customer touch-point.

The REVEAL Console saves time and money by:

  • providing one system for all of your reporting needs
  • eliminating bottlenecks in reporting and analysis
  • simplifying program measurement
  • accelerating decisions that enable informed investments

Combined with tools to chart the competitive landscape, the REVEAL Console helps you find your ownable space and win where it counts >>

Connecting the dots

iPad and tablet ready, the secure browser-based Console provides anywhere access to the following:

Your data - all of it

  • Web, social, mobile, advertising, search, CRM data
  • Configurable ETL processes via web services or FTP

Your data - how you want to see it

  • Competitor metrics, industry comparators, and goals
  • Charts, graphs, tables, word clouds, maps, and more

Your data - socialized for analysis and action

  • Share cross-discipline insights with twitter-like ease
  • Access domain experts for analysis and recommendations

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